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US Tribal Report Received 16x More Media Buzz!

Every decade, the Indian Forest Management Assessment Team (IFMAT) conducts assessments of Indian forest lands and submits a mandatory and comprehensive report to Congress. The IFMAT-IV Report is the fourth report of its kind.


September 2023

The Intertribal Timber Council

Public Relations


The Intertribal Timber Council (ITC), a nonprofit nationwide consortium comprising Indian Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, and individuals, is committed to enhancing the management of natural resources vital to Native American communities.

When the IFMAT-IV was released, the ITC realized it needed assistance to spread the word more broadly about the report’s findings. Tribal forests are underfunded, and regulatory changes are needed to manage the forests. This time, the coverage needed to highlight that Indian forestry sets an example for co-stewardship across different areas and benefits the environment and neighboring communities.

“We’ve never really had much of a PR strategy, or plan, or partner. So our biggest challenge was wanting to make sure that we were controlling the messaging.” — Laura Alvidrez, Program Manager, Intertribal Timber Council


The ITC is required to share this crucial report with Congress, but it also sought to engage the public through a public relations initiative. Wood & Co was enlisted to spearhead the public relations effort to raise awareness of and exposure to the IFMAT-IV results, highlighting issues such as the ITC’s funding challenges. Wood & Co’s task was to craft a positive narrative, showcasing the ITC’s strength and ability to steward tribal lands despite funding disparities.

“One of the things that I’ve really enjoyed is being able to have access to having professional writers on the staff. To not only be getting info out that we want to say to the press through a press release but also having that resource to be able to put together professional-looking articles or op-eds has been really great for us.” — Laura

Wood & Co collaborated with the ITC’s internal communications team, the IFMAT team, and an external communications consultant located in Portland, Oregon, to present the IFMAT-IV’s findings through a series of high-level talking points. Wood & Co used these talking points to pitch ITC’s narrative to a diverse array of reporters, including those in the Indigenous, environmental, policy, podcast, radio, and online journalism domains.

“The way that Wood & Co. has been able to work with all of our other partners on our entire communications plan has really been something special that we appreciate.” — Laura


Wood & Co pitched ITC’s IFMAT-IV narrative to national and regional reporters, which offered a comprehensive approach to maximizing media coverage and impact for the ITC. National reporters reach a broad audience, often shaping public discourse on a larger scale. Securing coverage from national outlets establishes credibility, increases visibility, and can resonate with a diverse nationwide audience. Regional reporters provide a local perspective that connects with specific communities, which can build a more intimate and relatable narrative. This dual approach proved successful as it maximized the potential to generate meaningful coverage, influence public perception, and foster connections with a nationwide audience and the communities directly affected by ITC’s news.

To date, Wood & Co has successfully secured articles and interviews in:

Wood & Co.’s public relations effort proved so successful Muckrack® and Similarweb® reported these results:


“I love meeting with the Wood & Co. team. I love working with all of them. It’s a highlight of my day.” — Laura

Wood & Co’s efforts continue with articles set to release with the Seattle Times and a larger second piece with Mongabay in the spring of 2024.

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