What Others are Saying

Some Current and Past Strategic Partners and Clients

“Our organization has had the pleasure of working with Liz and her team, and appreciates her depth of knowledge, situational awareness, and ability to communicate issues across the sector. She is warm, engaged, and incredibly thoughtful about addressing your needs. Over the years, she has cultivated an extensive network of experts and a professional and flexible team. I recommend exploring a partnership with Wood & Co. to determine if they are the right resource for your organization; very helpful to have their support!”

Brandi Colander Advisor / Board Director / Co-Founder

“Wood & Co Consulting produced a comprehensive data research study for the Dutch Biomass Certification Foundation on the North American forest sector. Her knowledge of the sector and extensive network amongst diverse stakeholders proved extremely valuable. Her international background enabled a constructive collaboration with DBC as a European customer.”

Chair of DBC Foundation

“What distinguishes Liz as a consultant is her deep knowledge and willingness to work alongside her clients in helping them take advantage of big opportunities or overcome big challenges. She also utilizes her vast network to make connections and form partnerships that help the entire sector move forward.”

President and CEO of US conservation foundation

“Liz provides everything you’d hope for – quick response, exceptional final products, and constructive insights along the way to make for a project that exceeds your expectations. She offers a unique combination of skills that span from knowledge of environmental considerations and policy insights to editing and writing abilities that are top notch – a powerful toolset.”

Executive Director of a non-profit organization

“Wood & Co. Consulting is an outstanding strategic partner and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the forestry and wood product sectors. Liz and her team provide meaningful insights, clarity of concepts and guidance in support of our communication efforts. The Endowment is proud to have been one of the first customers and plan to engage for years to come. We truly appreciate the value and flexibility that Wood & Co brings to the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities.”

Alicia Cramer, Sr. Vice President at the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities

“Coincidentally, about two hours before Wood and Co emailed me asking if I was willing to provide a testimonial for working with them, I was having a conversation with my team about them.  One member of my team described them as a “class act,” and I wholeheartedly agree. They are an ideal consultant for us because the team is proactive, thorough, and professional – in short, they care. I enjoy working with them and I trust them to act as an extension of my team.”

Ethan Breitling, VP of Communications and Creative, National Alliance of Forest Owners

“Wood & Co provides valuable experience and expertise to every project – making sure they have the right team with the best fit of skills for the work.  They are professional, responsible, and fun to work with.  I’m proud to be an Associate and available to advise on forestry and conservation projects.  It is rewarding to work alongside such excellent people.”

Kathryn Fernholz, President/CEO, Dovetail Partners

“Wood & Co offers excellent advice and counsel on strategic issues and communications strategies. When we want a thinking partner and a partner that can deliver, we turn to Wood & Co.”

Rita Hite, President and CEO, American Forest Foundation

“Wood & Co. provides the perfect combination of strategic counsel and skillful execution with unmatched client service. They are trusted partners for our association, and a pleasure to work with.”

Taylor Fitts, VP of Communications and External Affairs, U.S. Industrial Pellet Association

“This (marketing) plan is well done, capturing the detail and essence of our model and dreams.
We really appreciate it!”

Colette Drager, The Meatery

“I have had other marketing firms come forward to pitch me plans, but I have always been disappointed. This is the first time I read a marketing document for my company that led me to believe that the authors actually knew my company. So well done! Brilliant!”

Mary Hartman, CEO and Founder, StableFeed