The United States Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA) Boosted its Sponsorship Revenue by 36% in the First Year After Hiring Wood & Co.!

Wood and Co. Spearheads Record-Breaking Success at USIPA’s Annual Conference!


October 2023


Event Planning


Each year, the United States Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA) hosts an annual conference for its members and industry attendees. In 2022, the Association was without a conference planner, which left USIPA scrambling to draw attendees, sponsors, and new members.

“At the time, our communication channels were limited. The critical aspects of the association left us with little time for additional efforts.” – Client


USIPA’s annual event planning was already underway when Wood & Co. was contracted to execute its implementation. The location and venue had been chosen, which was a repeat of the year prior in Miami Beach, Florida. In addition to executing the event plan, Wood & Co. provided customized communications and social media strategy to boost event engagement. Wood & Co. saw an opportunity to promote the annual conference and raise brand awareness and recognition to prioritize the importance of membership and gain support for the biomass industry’s larger community.

Wood & Co. created an editorial calendar and initiated multiple messaging campaigns on USIPA’s social media accounts. Wood & Co. used its team of writers, advertising, and social media experts to dive into the creative process, which led to numerous taglines and creative ideation for campaigns that connected with industry members in differing ways. Each campaign was designed to create conversations, attract followers, and grow support for USIPA.

“Wood & Co. helped fill the gaps where we needed the most help: Targeted and mindful communications, expert event logistics, planning, speaker outreach, social media expertise, etc. We don’t have either the expertise or bandwidth to handle that ourselves.” -Client


On a drastically reduced timeline, Wood & Co.’s expert event planners organized and executed a successful 2022 Conference for USIPA with 300 attendees, 39 sponsors and exhibitors, and $230,000 in sponsorship revenue. Wood & Co. handled all planning, logistics, agenda development, and speaker recruitment. USIPA was so pleased with the results that they quickly contracted with Wood & Co. to plan the 2023 conference in its entirety.

After considering the valuable post-conference attendee feedback, Wood & Co.’s event planners scouted several hotels and chose the beautiful Loews Miami Beach Hotel for the 2023 event.

With Wood & Co.’s event and marketing teams on duty from inception to completion—USIPA’s 2023 Annual Conference broke the previous year’s records.

From 2022 to 2023:

  • The number of attendees increased by 15%
  • Sponsors and exhibitors increased 46%
  • Sponsorship revenue increased 36%
  • Average LinkedIn post engagement is up 38%

“We knew things had changed for the better for USIPA when we started to realize the conference was going to break a few records: attendees, membership, sponsorship, and a new hotel.” -Client

Wood & Co. continues to create new campaigns to highlight USIPA’s unique offerings, increase presence and engagement across social media platforms, recruit new members, and is on deck to plan and promote USIPA’s 2024 Conference.

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