Wood & Co turned five in January.

It’s hard to believe we’re now past the toddler stage. According to PBS for Parents, five-year-olds are wonderful company. They have strong language skills and love to share their ideas and stories. They are creative problem-solvers, eager to understand “how” and “why” things work. Their reading, writing, and math skills are continually growing — and so are their social and emotional skills. Funny, that sounds just like us!

Turning five gives us time to reflect and feel grateful for the relationships we have built with our clients. Our birthday is more than a milestone; it’s an opportunity to reflect on our success.

Trust and togetherness

We came together as a team and asked ourselves a fundamental question. Why do our clients trust us? Five words framed the discussion: empathy, reliability, competency, integrity, and vulnerability. The last word, “vulnerability,” surprised us, but the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. We see vulnerability as a strength. It means we are open to listening. Open to really collaborating and working in lockstep with our clients. If our clients don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. That’s why we’re vulnerable.

Growing and thriving

The year 2021 brought new adventures for us: new team members, new clients, and new services.

Our Wood & Co. family grew.

Wood & Co. welcomed Nissa Weisser, who joined us in June, and Carly Sullivan, who had been working with us part-time since 2020 and joined us full-time in October. Their arrival has been a wonderful, incalculable addition to the company and a huge game-changer for both our Wood & Co. team and our clients.

We also have a growing team of incredibly talented contractors – each expert in their respective fields – who help us deliver quality products to our clients with thoughtfulness, kindness, patience, and a smile.

And we’ve gained new clients.

We are thrilled to have welcomed several new clients this year. Our work has included environmental, social, and governance strategy and message development, social media research and language, website content development, factsheets, position papers, infographics, and sustainability analysis. Wood and Co. continues to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, shapes, and structures. Public, private, non-profit, associations — we are helping diverse organizations map out sustainability strategies, develop content for distribution, and then deploy the tools we have helped them develop.

More capacity, more skills

With a bigger team, we can offer more services.

We’ve grown our strategy offerings. Now more than ever, our clients need thought partnership, guidance, and assistance with corporate ESG strategies and planning. Our business in this arena has grown significantly, and we see no signs of a slowdown given the net-zero declarations, COP26 commitments, ESG requirements, and investment in environmentally responsible companies.

Stronger together

The last five years are just the start. Who knows what the next five will bring? But we look forward to growing with you and moving from strength to strength.